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جمعه 20 آذر‌ماه سال 1394 ساعت 06:28 ق.ظ

مقاله جدیدم با عنوان "Cultural and Historical Landscape of Ātašgāh-i Isfahān" در نشریه الکترونیکی "Buletin Teknologi Tanaman" را می‌توانید از لینک‌های زیر دریافت کنید:

1- بصورت فشرده شده از اینجا یا اینجا

2- بصورت غیر فشرده (با کیفیت تصاویر ِ بالاتر) از اینجا

خلاصه مقاله

Ātašgāh is an ancient mud brick construction over a hill within the green gardens in the Mārbīn region, west of Isfahan in Iran. There is evidence to prove the existence of a long standing culture and civilization there, with natural-landscape features that are important components of the cultural milieu in settlement both for tourists and local people. In order to protect this cultural landscape and to ensure that Ātašgāh's archaeological site to be known as an important heritage to draw tourists, explorers and adventurers in all times, it is a must to address its values, sense and spirit of the place. Therefore, in this paper, the aim has been to recognize the established relation between the Ātašgāh and its region (the Mārbīn region) as accurately and completely as possible in order to tell about its history, the way it was constructed and destroyed, the people who lived there, various activities and happenings, and the previous uses of the site. This effort will also lead us to an understanding of the culture and lifestyle of the citizens of Isfahan during the previous eras.

An interpretive-historical research method has been adopted to carry out this study, and to serve this goal, a dual interaction between “the gardens, farmlands, watercourses, Ātašgāh” and “the cultural milieu” has been taken into consideration with reference to mythical accounts and religious principles.

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